Berlin Tips

East Side Gallery in Berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin: Exploring Art and Memory

Welcome to the Heart of History Embarking on an East Berlin tour isn’t just a journey through streets and squares; it’s a dive into a world where art and memory intertwine along the remnants of the Berlin Wall. The East Side Gallery in Berlin stands as a monumental canvas, a testament to freedom, resistance, and...
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Berlin Craft Beer Tour with Food by Walk With Us Tours in Friedrichshain

Discover Berlin’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Do you also think of beer as liquid food like we do? Are you a craft beer enthusiast looking to explore the best craft beer bars in Berlin and its alternative neighborhoods at the same time? We got you covered! Berlin has an impressive craft beer culture, with a variety of brewpubs, microbreweries, and taprooms...
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Top Things to Do in Berlin in Summer

Berlin is a city that truly comes alive in the summertime, as its streets fill with sunshine and activity. With so much to see and do, planning a visit to this vibrant and culturally rich city can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some of the best things to do in Berlin during...
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10 Good Reasons to Go on a Food Tour in Berlin (Or Anywhere Else in the World)

Some people are hardcore food tourists. Everywhere they go, they will do a food tour to get to know a new city. And, there are some people who don’t even know about food tours yet, although they would probably enjoy doing one. Come on our food tours in Berlin and we’ll make you a fan,...
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Christmas and Winter Market at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

What Are the 10 Best Christmas Markets in Berlin 2023?

What are the 10 Best Christmas and Winter Markets in Berlin? Check out Walk With Us Tours' blog to get local insights for the winter season.
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Vietnamese Restaurant Monsieur Vuong in Berlin

The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Berlin — Monsieur Vuong

At Monsieur Vuong, the hype is real and the hype is justified. Monsieur Vuong is a long-established Berlin institution that any and everyone with a love for Vietnamese cuisine should check out. In our opinion, it is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin, probably in all of Germany. Located in the historic Jewish...
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What is Berlin’s Trendiest Italian Restaurant?

Looking for a new and trendy Italian restaurant to have lunch with your friends and family on a huge outdoor terrace, overlooking a park? Celebrating a birthday or special occasion and looking for a lively atmosphere with excellent service and authentic Italian cuisine? Read more to find out our new go-to spot for all the...
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