Berlin Supper Club

Enjoy some of our favorite dishes at our intimate supper club alongside like-minded people in a private and casual setting.

Welcome to the Berlin Supper Club!

All about this unique experience…

Above all, our Berlin Supper Club is a social club. It attempts to create a unique dining experience and facilitate genuine human connections in our most intimate, private space: our home. Here, strangers will be treated like family and become friends. 

We will cook our favorite recipes using high-quality, organic, and regional ingredients. There will also be drink pairings for every course. From cocktails, regional and natural wines, and specialty craft beers to schnapps, liqueurs, and third-wave, locally-roasted coffee. 

We’ll even have artisanal, alcohol-free spirits, beers, and wines to try if that’s what you prefer. Our line-up is diverse and constantly changing, so you will always find something you like.

Celebrating local producers…

By using products from the region of Berlin/Brandenburg, we are able to support the local micro-economy that is in line with our values of quality and sustainability. In addition to that, we want to share our love and passion for Berlin’s food, history, and culture with you! 

Maybe you will meet your future husband/wife, your new BFF, or you’re already a Berliner looking for some friendly company. Or maybe, you’re simply looking for an enlightening chat with like-minded people over a home-cooked meal.

Ready to join us?

Come and visit us in a rather unknown residential area of former East Berlin and share your story with us!

Important Supper Club Information:

– Pricing for the Berlin Supper Club is €119 per person and the group size will be eight diners (larger groups can be accommodated if booked privately).

– The Supper Club experience lasts about three hours and takes place on Sundays

– Suitable for vegetarians and can accommodate vegan attendees with advanced notice

– Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate gluten-free – Guests must be 16 or older

– Our apartment is located on the 4th floor, and there is no elevator

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