Discover Berlin’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Do you also think of beer as liquid food like we do? Are you a craft beer enthusiast looking to explore the best craft beer bars in Berlin and its alternative neighborhoods at the same time? We got you covered!

Berlin has an impressive craft beer culture, with a variety of brewpubs, microbreweries, and taprooms offering unique blends of traditional and experimental brews.

There are so many amazing craft beer places to choose from and we have compiled a list of some of our favorite craft beer bars in Berlin for you to visit!

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Berliner Weisse – The Oldest Beer of Berlin

Since we’re history buffs, here are some historical facts about beer in Berlin: The German capital has historically always been a beer hub. The oldest beer style that originated here in our beloved hometown is a bottle-conditioned, sour, wheat beer called Berliner Weisse. The technique of bottle-conditioning at this point was brought to the region in the 17th century by French Huguenots who were given religious asylum in Brandenburg/Berlin under the so-called Edict of Potsdam.

And before people in northeastern Germany were enjoying bottom-fermented lagers like  Pilsener, the top-fermented Berliner Weisse was pretty much the only beer available. Nowadays, this old beer style has had a revival in the local craft beer scene (as a pure version, not mixed with syrup). It is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in something unconventional.

The champions league of Berliner Weisse for us is definitely Marlene by Schneeeule (yes, there are real words with three e’s in German). This one is brewed with historic yeast and bottle-conditioned like in the old days.

But of course, there are a lot of interesting local craft beers to drink in the city besides Berliner Weisse. In the following, we’ll take you on a journey through Berlin that is sure to leave a good taste in your mouth. Get ready to discover the best of Berlin’s craft beer scene!

The Best Craft Beer Bars and Brewpubs in Berlin

Hopfenreich: Well-established and one of the city’s most beloved craft beer spots. Located in the alternative neighborhood of Kreuzberg, this bar specializes in German/Berliner microbrews! Very lively and fun atmosphere.

Heidenpeters: This craft beer bar and microbrewery, located inside the famous Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, has been offering a wide variety of craft beers for a decade already. Heidenpeters offers its very own classic, seasonal, and rare microbrews. Grab a bite to eat from one of the food stalls and enjoy a tasty beer!

Handcrafted Oktoberfest beer on the Berlin Craft Beer Tour with Food by Walk With Us Tours

BRLO Brwhouse: Founded in 2017 and located in the middle of Berlin at Gleisdreieck Park, BRLO Brwhouse offers an impressive selection of its own house-brewed beer. The building also includes a restaurant with vegetable-focused gastronomy, giving customers the chance to experience tasty cuisine alongside their favorite craft beer.

Manifest Taproom: Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, near the iconic Mauerpark, Manifest Taproom is a go-to destination. The taproom offers a rotating selection of local and international craft beers and ciders on tap. The friendly atmosphere and staff make it an ideal spot for any beer enthusiast visiting Berlin. Be sure and try their amazing food offerings. We love the meatball sandwich!

Lager Lager: Opened in 2017, Lager Lager serves some of the finest crafted beers available on tap from both domestic and international producers. From tart ales to dark stouts, this sophisticated venue carries something for everyone’s taste buds. Are you more interested in wine? They’ve got a nice selection available by the glass. Don’t forget snacks! Try the Alte Milch 3-cheese toast!

Berliner Berg Brauerei & Taproom: Located near the beautiful Treptower Park, Berliner Berg Brauerei & Taproom features locally house-brewed specialties with a big Biergarten to enjoy them at! Great for the spring and summer months.

Republic Berlin Brewpub & Restaurant: Republic Berlin presents another great option for craft beer connoisseurs looking to sample brews while dining out, or simply spending an evening enjoying quality suds with friends. This joint serves an array of dishes cooked up by local, street food vendors, accompanied by Berliner and German beers.

Birra – Italian Craft Beer: Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Birra is a cozy spot for serious beer lovers. The bar boasts a wide range of high-quality Italian concoctions and delicious paninis. Chat with the friendly staff and enjoy a cold pint of your favorite beer. If you’re a fan of Italian-style craft beer, then Birra – Italian Craft Beer bar is the perfect spot for you in Berlin.

Schneeeule Salon für Berliner Bierkultur: A very unique place to visit and try the famous Berliner Weisse in fresh, aged, and specialty varieties. Learn about the history of this Berliner beer and taste various flavors created by those who have revitalized this funky sour beer! Located in the lively and diverse district of Wedding. Spend the whole day touring around this less-touristy area, discovering many hidden gems.

Poor But Hoppy

SO, there you have it! – A short list of some of our top choices of craft beer bars to visit in the beautiful city of Berlin. Believe it or not, there are many, many more places to discover and drink delicious craft beer.

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